Send a Post(cup) from LA / signed with love forevermore

Does anyone still send postcards out there? I remember sending myself postcards from the plane, just to see if they’d reach home before I did!

But in this day and age with blogs and email, there are better ways to gloat about your holiday! Sending a postcard is passe… send a Postcup instead!

This beautiful porcelain mug comes with a special porcelain marker, allowing you to write your message on the Postcup. Then if you like it enough, you just pop it in the oven to bake and it will set permanently! Now that’s a postcard that won’t get lost over time…

It’s a really cool way to send your love from afar, or something you can leave little reminders on every morning cuppa.

Postcup is made by Bailey Doesn’t Bark (totally loving the cute shop name). Do check out the rest of their shop, they have a whole bunch of really nice mugs and other homeware that would perk up any household. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring this in!

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    • Hi Raquel, the mug was from the shop linked above called Bailey Doesn’t Bark, but it seems like they don’t have it anymore… you might want to drop them a note to see if anybody else is distributing it still…

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