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Friends come, and friends go. Everyone’s had ‘distance friends’ – those that you’re close to at that one point in your life when you’re together more often than not, and once you leave school/change jobs, you inevitably end up drifting apart as the distance increases.

One would think with email and instant messaging, it would be a lot easier to keep in touch with your friends. Sure, from time to time you’ll spot an engagement notice, or a baby picture or two, but how do you really stay in touch when your friends move away?

5 Iowan friends have managed to keep a decade long friendship going, over 5 different states while each juggling their own lives and careers which I think is truly inspirational. They did so the old school way – with a trusty journal they circulated and each filled up with anecdotes of their friendship story.

I love the idea of keeping an actual shared journal to keep in touch. It’s also very reminiscent of my own school days, where in place of stray notes, special friends would pass around an actual book, all the better to keep their memories together. Just that instead of being passed from table to table, this journal takes a ride in the mail and can end up travelling miles around the globe instead!

These 5 ladies have set up a little online shop called The Traveling Journal to inspire others to embrace the old school pen-and-paper method of staying in touch, by creating nice journals, conveniently sized for easy packing, along with other cool accessories to make that journals travel extra fun!

In particular, I like the Fernanda journal – that one can stick a pin in for each person’s location and use a string to link it up. Except it would be cool if there was a world version instead of just a USA version…

Fernanda Journal

I’m also quite fond of the Jessica Journal, with maps for the cover. Simply, yet pretty.

Jessica Journal (Aqua)

Also, there are the accessories like the preview postcards (giving the next person a heads up to check their mailbox!) and the inspirational buddy bookmark and roadmark sticker for logging the mileage the journal has chalked up. Very thoughtful and complementary to the entire concept.

From Left: Roadmap Sticker, Preview Postcards, Buddy Bookmark

Overall, I think it’d make a great gift for a group of friends who’re committed to making long distance friendships work! While it might occasionally be tiresome having to write and mail out, I think in the long run, being able to have those concrete memories in hand, will make a huge difference and will be something y0u’ll never regret.

Check out the Traveling Journal Shop to get some cool journals and accessories! Also, take the time to find out a little more about the 5 lovely ladies at their blog.

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4 comments to The Traveling Journal

  1. This article is so very sweet! It’s also rings true. It is more work writing in the journal than just sending an email, but seriously, it’s so fun to look back @ entries written by the 5 of us from years ago. Just from our writing you can tell how much we’ve grown in the last 10 years. I’m so proud of the 5 of us and how we’ve stayed true to our friendship thanks to The Traveling Journal!

    • Thanks Melissa! Handcreated stuff just has so much more meaning and memories, but it really needs all parties to put in effort, so I think you’re really lucky that all 5 of you managed to put it all together… How many books did you guys use? or was it really just 1 trusty book that survived the entire decade?

  2. WOW! Thank you so much for all of your kind words about The Traveling Journal! We’ll definitely be giving you a shout out on our blog, Twitter and FB page!

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