KLM Dream Destination Contest

Where is your Dream Destination? Pick it out, tell KLM why, and you might just be on your way there!

Apparently you can pick a few (does that up your chances of winning?), but I had a long think about it and I picked…


Well technically that are a lot of places that I want to visit. But South America is by far the most ‘exotic’ of the lot. I’ve been on every continent except that one, and I think Machu Picchu just sounds like a fantastically historical place to visit. No particularly deep seated longing dream, I just thought it would be nice to go there. It just seems like the furthest place from little ol’ Singapore…

My other candidates: Morocco, Portugal, Egypt, Scandinavia, Maldives…

Enter the contest here! You’ll need a facebook account to ‘like’ KLM to take part in the competition.

Where do you want to go? Drop a note in the comments and let’s compare notes! I’m surprised that 7 people’s dream destination is Singapore. I mean if I were a foreigner I would like to see Singapore, but it wouldn’t be my lifelong dream to come here…

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  1. My dream destination is in the Netherlands, as i see in pictures videos i watched, that is totaly my ultimate dream country i’m dying to go! I wanna experience biking there walking in the land of Tulips. Meeting beautiful people, lovely sceneries!

    And oh! the cheese i really wanna taste it! 🙂
    It’s just so WOW i really wanna be there! I just love The Netherlands!

    • hi Bless, the contest is run by KLM, i was only just linking it on my blog and sharing my dream place… unfortunately the contest is also over already…

  2. They really do seem to be giving away a trip a week. I can’t believe this isn’t being picked up wider by people.

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