These maps Are beautiful Things

I love maps. World maps especially. I’ve had a lifelong (well, 26 years long) obsession with country names and knowing where all the countries in the world are, what their flags look like, and what their capitals are. Geochallenge on facebook naturally was one of my favourite games. But really nice world maps are hard to come by.

Borne from a desire and failure to find a classy modern map, a pair of Ohio designers Jen and Omar ended up creating their own:

These are SO PRETTY. Your usual maps have your standard light blue sea and multi coloured land masses, but not these! The TheseAreThings Maps are all clean lines and modern colour combinations.

I’m in love with the black one – very sleek and cool,  it would really pop in a stark white room. The aqua and the rust versions however, are growing on me as well, the colour combinations are just so pretty and the colours have a certain pop to them. Not the magenta for me though, not quite my colour, but great for a pink loving girl. I’m very tempted to get one, just that I haven’t any wall space right now…

Get your own map from These Are Things.

P/S j+o are also the great people who brought to the internet this great gif:

And they also turned it into a shirt version. Go get yours (and one for me too!)

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