je veux aller à la plage à Paris

Paris. Sipping cappucinno at the many alfresco cafes, Eating macarons and croissants, Posing for pictures with the Eiffel tower, Getting a a sun tan?

Paris Plage 1
Sunbathing by the Seine

For a month every summer, the banks of the Seine river are turned into an artificial plage (that’s French for Beach), complete with sandy beaches, deck chairs for lounging, a pool for swimming (no swimming in the Seine!), refreshment stands, tennis courts… basically everything you’d find at an ordinary beach!

So for four weeks, Parisians and tourists are able to sunbathe in a deck chair as they enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower. How cool is that?

First started in 2002 for the Parisians who were unable to leave the city during the summer holidays, the programme has since grown and expanded and covers 3 separate areas in France.

I just think it’s a great idea, though personally I am not fond of sand. Especially in such a bustling city like Paris, it’s nice to be able to just take a breather by turning the corner.

Paris Plage 2
Enjoying a balmy afternoon

Perhaps we should consider something similar for Singapore? After all it’s hot and sunny most of the time! Maybe turning the Singapore river area into an urban beach (we’re very good at fake stuff, even our proper beaches have imported sand!), or if you’re trying to develop the more ulu (read: far-flung) spots like Punggol, this would be a great alternative to East Coast and Sentosa.

More about the Paris Plages here on their official website (and if you read French), or the Paris tourism page.

Original post via Pret-A-Voyager. Pix from SMH, BillandNancy and

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  1. Will love to see that happen in Marina area. Chill and watch Singapore flyer & Marina sands

    Oh, I remember there were 2 girls who were in their bikinis and went tanning in orchard road! Should be able to find the video in youtube

    • oh haha yah i remember that video. Well this way you can get hot chicks in bikinis in the city all the time!

      Yah Marina there prob nicer! Maybe Double Helix Bridge can become Double Helix Beach!

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