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As a Singaporean, I’m quite used to people never having heard of my little country, or even more strangely, thinking that we’re a part of China…

So it made me pretty happy to know that we are one of the few cities that the wonderfully talented Karen M. O’leary made an awesome mapcut of:

Check it out, look at the amount of sheer detail that goes in there! And this is not done by any die-cut machine either, but painstakingly handcut! True dedication. In my head, I have an image of poor Karen hunched over a table, cutter in hand, peering through a magnifying glass of sorts just etching out the little streets and details. (I sincerely hope you don’t, though!)

She even called the Singapore mapcuts one of her favourites to date! Dear Karen, do come to Singapore when you can and see this little city for yourself! With the proliferation of rooftop bars these days, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view.

I love that these mapcuts allow you to see the city planning. It’s never really occurred to me how twisty our roads are, though if you’ve ever tried driving in an unfamiliar housing estate here, it is true! It’s especially evident in contrast to places like New York City, neat grids and orderly road names which makes it hard to get lost if you understand the system.

Someone mentioned that the streets kinda looked like ancient Chinese writing, which is quite true! Doubt that was intentional though. I think it was a matter of trying to work around existing structures – Singapore did go from sleepy fishing village to its present day modern metropolis in just about 50 years. But its ‘haphazardness’ does have its charm, no?

The original Singapore mapcut can be found here. More are available at Karen’s Etsy Store, Studiokmo, where you can even request for customized cuts/prints.

Pictures from studiokmo, Original post at Karen’s blog, via Paper Tiger

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