A Red Eye flight with Christoph Niemann

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I love Christoph Niemann’s Abstract City blog. Unlike most blogs, like my own, which are mostly wordswordswords or photographs, the man is a genius at visual art, and occasionally updates his New York Times blog with really intriguing posts, each presented in a very different visual method or illustration.

This time around he kept it simple with pencil illustrations on torn out notebook paper, documenting a red eye flight he took from New York to Berlin with a stopover in London.

Red Eye Seat Reclining


Now this is a post that all weary economy class travellers can relate to – I especially enjoyed the armrest wrestling (also applies to movie theatres) and the futile search for a comfortable sleeping position.

Yup that's how I feel too

I love Neimann’s wry sense of humour and how his posts are about simple, every day things that we all go through, just somehow funnier through his eyes.

Do check out the rest of his blog, I especially enjoyed Good Night and Tough Luck and The Haunted Household. You can also check out his own website.

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