Handy for short trips – The Shower Plus

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With the airline rules and limitations of carrying liquids on board, those only packing carry-on luggage are forced to buy mini bottles of their favourite products, or if you’re lazy like me, you’ll forfeit the carrying of any lotions altogether and just hope the hotel has decent toiletries, or barring that, then it’s time for a little adventure in trying foreign shampoo brands.

The Shower Plus is a nifty, and very simple little collection of containers, securely connected in the centre to prevent leakage, and labelled clearly to show the various compartments. It also has a suction cup on one side, which makes it super convenient to stick on the wall – no more looking for precarious bathroom ledges!

Some thoughts:

– would be nice if there was some way of customizing the individual containers, or perhaps just giving them each a coloured stripe might be enough, since not everyone carries the same combination of liquids around

– on 2nd inspection, they kinda look like those weekly pill boxes?

– I’m not sure how completely leak proof the container will be? Considering you need to open up the sides to fill it up, it looks like it might warp over time from repeated bending and that might cost the fluid to leak out!

But overall, think it’s a pretty good idea! Especially for the hostelites and those who might be staying in budget hotels where you don’t get the nice toiletries. Maybe some more tweaking before producing for the masses, but I’d definitely consider buying something like that for my short trips, or even just day trips out to the beach and all.

Image and Original post from Yanko Design

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