I see the world in patchwork and stitches

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Look at this absolutely beautiful quilt of the world map, sewn by Rubyellen! She crafted an entire ‘around the world adventures’ theme party based on a children’s storybook, and created this one of a kind quilt as a backdrop.

Here’s a larger picture of the quilt:

Such a fun birthday party, look at all the global party favours!

I love that different cloth scraps were used for each of the different countries, giving it such a nice graphic and texture feel. Also, she made the effort not just to create the major continental plates, but the smaller landmasses as well, such attention to detail is admirable.

Besides the awesome quilt, Rubyellen also had little items and food representing each of the countries that the storybook character had visited – Sushi for Japan and Macarons for Paris for example. There were also activities based on the book like creating painted elephants like they do in India,  as well as the birthday girl’s presents, a NY stamp set and a Japanese kite. Check out the original post for more of Rubyellen’s story on how she came up with this great party idea.

This little 3-year old is a lucky duck to have such a creative momma, and I’m sure she’s gonna grow up to want to travel the world too!

Original post at Cakies via You are my fave

So that first quilt inspired be to do a quick google to see if there were any commercial world map quilts that could compare, and I found this quilt by worldquilter titled “i left my heart in Africa“:

Such awesomeness and what a great eye one needs to be able to put together a real patchwork quilt so skillfully! And it’s not just random pieces of cloth – the cloth was sourced from the various places worldquilter had visited in Africa, and specially placed according to location. Also, there are little symbols representing the various places, including hearts on their visited places. Do check out her post to see her full story.

Original post at World in Stitches

Edit 16/8: The lovely Worldquilter said that she used graph paper to put together the entire quilt. I’m wondering if those people who put together mass displays use graph paper too? She also directed me to her Map Quilts category, which has instructions on how she did it. So that’s some advice for would-be quilters!

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