• 5 Trips You Need To Take In Your 20s

    Your 20s are some of your most independent and carefree years, go for it!

  • Penang Weekend

    First trip of 2014 - a quick weekend jaunt to Penang, Malaysia

  • Bali Family Trip

    Celebrating my 30th Birthday in Bali, this time with my family!

  • Perth Margaret River during Easter

    Tips on getting around wine country during Easter weekend

Latest Update: 25 Feb 2014

First and foremost, thanks to all readers and any one who dropped me a vote for the Skyscanner Bloscars! Any support you give me is much appreciated, muacks!

Also, I just got back from Penang this past weekend, and it was a pretty fun way to kick off 2014's travels. Look out for more posts, or head on over to the various social media sites (I'm most active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for the most up-to-date highlights.

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5 Trips You Really Need To Take In Your 20s

5 Trips You Really Need To Take In Your 20s

You're old enough to be independent but young enough for a whole lot of fun - as I leave this wonderful past decade behind, some thoughts on trips you should definitely take in your 20s.

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What are your Icons of SG?

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