• 5 Trips You Need To Take In Your 20s

    Your 20s are some of your most independent and carefree years, go for it!

  • Thailand Bangkok Ayutthaya

    Take a daytrip detour to the ancient city of Ayutthaya when you're tired of shopping!

  • London Work Trip

    Discovering London's artsy side and a little bit of magic in my first overseas work trip!

  • Portugal Cabo Da Roca 2014

    A semi-solo trip which involved a lot of walking up steep but amazing hills!

Latest Update: 14 Oct 2014

Back from my annual solo trip to Portugal! Stay tuned for more...

2014 Round Up – Travels

2014 Round Up – Travels

A look back at the past year and where I've been to. 52 days of overseas travel with a full time day job and just 18 days of leave? Here's how I managed to maximize travel in 2014

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